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You are what you think you are, not what you POST to be. It’s so easy to build a fictional image through social media to gain an extreme attention from your audience. Who are you really when you’re not online? Better yet who are you when no one is around? What do you say to yourself when your alone? How do those thoughts effect your actions?

It is so crucial that you train your thoughts in a private setting. You are with yourself 1000% of the time. There is no possible way to out run your thoughts. The enemy attacks the weak when their alone, which explains why most suicides happen when their alone. Here are 4 major keys to keeping your sanity.

  1. Practice converting your negative thoughts to positive.
    Yes I know its easier said then done, however every habit was once a struggle. Start by eliminating certain vocabulary from your verbiage. Words like,” CAN’T, WONT, TRY, IMPOSSIBLE to name just a few. Do yourself a favor. Write down everything that has had a negative impact on your life. After each event write down what you’ve learned. Moving forward, write down something beautiful that you can take from it and decide to only focus on that from here on out. For example, I’ve been abused by a man physically, mentally and emotionally for years. I’ve learned how strong I really am. The Beauty of it is that I can still choose to love and choose to accept love.
  2. Make Healthier decisions.
    By any means I am not a health expert. But one thing I do know is that when I eat good (meaning healthier) I feel good. Less bloating, less fatigue, energy is through the roof with no caffeine, I’m happier, more confident, and my skin is less oily. Compared to when I eat junk food I feel exhausted, less motivated, everyone irritates me, and super bloated. Do your homework on eating more whole foods and try it. Eliminate extreme consumption of oils, meats, and sugars. Download the “Lose it” app. It’s a free app that keeps you on track with your calorie intake. The secret is… if you eat more whole and nutritious foods you wont have to count your calories. Scroll down and subscribe. I will be posting healthier meals that are filling and inexpensive.
  3. Increase your wealth.
    Money isn’t everything but it is a necessity. There is something about paying your bills on time, and stacking up that makes you feel amazing. Being broke sucks. Trying to figure out how long you can make your groceries stretch, or if there is enough gas in your tank for the rest of the week. On top of rent, not even considering unplanned events like a flat tire, or a hospital bill. I’m not a financial expert but one thing I know for sure is when I started making more money my confidence shifted. I was able to stand on my feet again, and decrease my debt ratio. With the internet today there is an abundant amount of ways to make some extra money with little to no money to start. You just need the willingness to learn something new. If you haven’t already subscribe. I will be posting more ways to help you put your money to work rather than working for your money. Soon you will get to a point where you can pay off debt, and enter new business revenues.

Thank you for reading. Share with someone you want to grow with. Please leave a comment with your thoughts. Be beautiful.

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